***ALL Products&Specs*** Kenwood: Kenwood TK-2312/3312 128 Channel     The new TK-2312/3312 is thin and compact yet packed with features for intuitive operation, impressive performance, and all-weather reliability. Front and side programmable function keys allow for customized convenience, and Kenwood’s renowned audio clarity means the message gets through loud and clear.      Offering extensive frequency coverage – 70MHz for UHF – the TK-2312/3312 is ideal for a wide range of applications. 128 CHANNELS / 128 ZONES     The 128-channel, 128-zone capacity is ample for any current or future requirement in any radio system. 5W OUTPUT POWER     Output is 5W for both VHF and UHF. GPS CONNECTIVITY     Combined with the optional KMC-48GPS Speaker Mic, the TK-2312/3312 can function as a mobile station for Kenwood’s AVL system. EASY OPERATION     All front and side keys can be assigned individual functions, allowing this radio to be customized for easy one-touch operation suited to specific requirements. It is also possible to directly input a channel number using a key assigned with that number (12-key keypad models only). The 8-character, 13-segment backlit LCD with icons and RSSI display makes channel information and FleetSync® messaging easy to read, day or night. 4-COLOR LED INDICATOR     In addition to the red/orange/green LED indicators, a blue LED has been added for quick visual confirmation. PROGRAMMABLE VOICE INVERSION SCRAMBLER*     The built-in programmable voice inversion scrambler provides protection against casual eavesdropping.     *This function cannot be used in certain countries. Please contact your Kenwood dealer or further information. SIGNALING     - QT / DQT / DTMF     - FleetSync® PTT ID, SelCall     - 2-tone (encode/decode)     - Built-in MDC-1200 signaling     FleetSync® and MDC-1200 signaling can be independently selected for each zone. Switching between them is as simple as changing zones. EMERGENCY FUNCTION     For hazardous/hostile environments, side PF keys can be programmed for Emergency use to transmit an alert to a predetermined person or group using DTMF, FleetSync® or MDC-1200 signaling. ROBUST & WATER-RESISTANT     The tough TK-2312/3312 has passed the demanding IP54/55 tests, even with the optional speaker microphone KMC-45 attached (locking bracket required). It also meets or exceeds 11 MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G environmental standards, including “blowing rain”. CLEAR & CRISP, ENHANCED AUDIO     As an experienced audio specialist, Kenwood has decades of expertise that is reflected in every Kenwood radio – from component selection and construction to optimization, evaluation and analysis. The resulting audio performance, specially engineered for transceivers, is undeniably clearer and crisper. Just listen to the difference. OTHER FEATURES Radio stun Priority scan Channel / Zone delete & add Key lock Compander / VOX /Scrambler setting per channel VOX T.O.T Busy channel lockout Operator-selectable tone Password protection Wireless clone Self-programming mode TaIk around Compatible with TK-2212/3212 batteries General Features     -5Watt VHF and UHF Models     136-174MHz Model     400-470MHz Model     450-520MHz Model     -128 Channels / 128 Zones     -GPS Connectivity (Combined with the optional KMC-48GPS Speaker Mic)     -9 PF KEYS Type and 6PF KEYS+12KEYPAD Type     -8Character, 13Segment Backlit LCD     -4Color LED Indicator (Red/Orange/Green/Blue)     -Programmable Voice Inversion Scrambler     -QT / DQT / DTMF Signaling     -FleetSync® PTT ID, SelCall     -2-tone (encode/decode)     -Built-in MDC-1200 Signaling     -Emergency Function     -IP54/55 Dust & Water Resistant     -MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G environmental standards, including "blowing rain"     -Clear & Crisp, Enhanced Audio     -Radio stun     -Priority scan     -Channel / Zone delete & add     -Compander / VOX /Scrambler setting per channel     -VOX Ready     -Self-programming mode     -Compatible with TK-2212/3212 batteries Kenwood TK-2140/3140 Compact and sturdy, the new, rugged TK-2140/3140 portables from Kenwood fit snugly in your hand and ride lightly on your belt. These radios offer a choice of Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-Ion battery packs for various uses. You can operate the TK- 2140/3140 in Trunked or Conventional Formats and add FleetSync™ Digital Messaging & Signaling for ultimate versatility in any type of business. Rugged, military standard construction meets the latest in handheld design; this portable is built to take on every weather or durability test you can throw at it. Once again, Kenwood sets a new standard for performance and reliability in a compact portable packed with features. General Features     - Trunked Format (LTR® Trunked & Conventional Systems)     - 10-Character Alphanumeric Alias     - Flash Memory Advantage     - Conventional Format (With Priority Scan)     - 12-Character Dot Matrix LCD     - Full Range Of Security Features     - DTMF Memory Capability     - FleetSync™ Digital Messaging & Signaling     - QT & DQT Coded Squelch     - Compact And Sleek     - Multiple Scan Functions     - Backlighted Keys & LCD     - Battery Status Indicator Kenwood Microphones:::: Kenwood KMC-21 used with TK-2312/3312 Kenwood KMC-25 used with TK-2180/3180 Kenwood KMC-35 is used with TK-7302/8302 Trunking & Conventional Mobile Radios Kenwood KMC-41M used with TK-2140/3140 Kenwood KMC-47GPS Speaker Microphone used with TK-2180/3180 The Kenwood KMC9C Kenwood Desk Microphone is used when a mobile radio, such as the TK-7302V/8302U is used for a Base Station. Kenwood Repeaters::::: Kenwood TKR-750/850 High Stability 100% Continuous Duty The TKR-850's high stability 1.5PPM (2PPM for TKR-750) TCXO modules, 100% duty RF power amplifier (25W output), integrated die-cast heat sink and forced-air cooling provide site-friendly, continuous operation. The TKR-750 has a high power output of 50W (at 50% duty) while the TKR-850 offers 40W (at 50% duty). 16 Full-Duplex Channels & Single Priority Scan Repeaters can function as a base station or repeater backup unit to suit various applications. The built-in 16 channels are preset and selectable from a remote control utilizing the remote I/O connector or pre-programmed key on the front panel. The programmable function (PF) keys located on the front panel permit adjustment and testing of repeater sites. In addition, single priority scan is available when the unit is operating in simplex mode. QT/DQT with DSP Multi-Decode For QT/DQT groups sharing the same RF signal range, DSP processing allows up to 16 QT/DQT signal variations to be processed simultaneously via the multi-decode function. Two decode tables (main/sub) are available to facilitate the setup of channels to different multi-decode ranges. Companded Audio A built-in compander contributes to improved audio when operating as a simplex base station. A wide/narrow setting is available for each channel Flash Memory Flash memory permits updates, advanced feature sets and system architectural changes to be made electronically without ever opening the unit. This means faster modifications for system operators and less downtime for users. 2-Digit Numeric LED Display The 2-digit numeric LED on the front panel displays channel number and operational status information, such as an "unlocked" error. LED Indicators The LED indicator lights provide clear system status information at a glance, including transmit, receive, battery backup, and DC power. If the transmitter or receiver becomes unlocked, the LEDs flash for quick problem assessment. Narrow Channel Bandwidth per Channel The TKR-750/850 can handle both existing wideband systems and emerging narrow band applications for extra flexibility and long-term viability. Windows® Programming and Tuning Software The repeater can be programmed from a Windows® compatible PC quickly and efficiently - without ever opening the case - using the optional FPU and programming interface cable. Among the radio parameters available for programming are: - Squelch - DQT balance - RX audio signal output (RA) - QT deviation - RX detector signal output (RD) - DQT deviation - RX frequency - Test tone deviation - RF output power - CW ID deviation - Maximum deviation - Repeat gain - TX audio input (TA) - TX frequency - Signaling deviation (TD) Manual tuning is available for the following settings: RX helical resonator block bandwidth, MCF waveform, Quad detector coil, and MIC sensitivity. 6 PF Keys & Local Speaker In addition to 6 programmable function keys (each equipped with an LED indicator), the front panel has a built-in speaker. This makes it easy to check on repeater site reception conditions. There is also a microphone terminal to allow audio transmission. Embedded Message with Password Lock The repeater's flash memory can store an electronic message - with password protection - containing owner identification, property ID numbers, user and department names, service records, etc. Additionally, the FPU can be used to display an electronic serial number. A unit can thus be electronically identified even if the external labels, marking or factory serial numbers have been removed. External Control I/O The D-SUB25 connector on the rear panel provides a control I/O interface for external controllers to enable customization and integration with other features and capabilities. Battery Backup System Several power-saving features, including a display- off function, help to reduce energy consumption. A built-in backup system supports automatic switching to a 12v battery* if the ACbased power supply* fails. *Not supplied Durable Die-Cast Chassis Contruction The die-cast aluminum chassis with integrated heat sink is the key to the TKR-750/850's durability, service level and reduced weight. The entire unit is sealed to provide long-term protection even in the most demanding operating condition General Features     - High Stability 100% Continuos Duty     - 16 Full-Duplex Channels & Single Priority Scan     - QT/DQT with DSP Multi-Decode     - Companded Audio     - Flash Memory     - 2-Digit Numeric LED Display     - LED Indicators     - Narrow Channel Bandwidth per Channel     - WINDOWS® Programming and Tuning Software     - 6 PF Keys & Local Speaker     - Embedded Message with Password Lock     - External Control I/O     - Battery Backup System     - Durable Die-Cast Chassis Construction ***Contact us for other Kenwood 2-way radio products not listed***
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