***ALL Products&Specs*** Ritron: Ritron Handheld Portable Radios:: PT Radios The PT Series business band portable radios are tough, reliable and well suited for commercial and industrial applications and repeater use. The radio meets the Mil-Standard rating 810F for temperature, humidity, shock and vibration and the International Protection Standard IP65 for resistance to water and dust intrusion. The backlit LED display allows alphanumeric naming of radio channels and viewing of radio/function status icons. 9 programmable function buttons. Each PT radio includes: flexible antenna, spring-action belt clip, 1800mAh Li-Ion battery, drop-in fast-rate charger with 110-220V AC wall charger and 1 year warranty. ""Licensed"" band models -The PT-150 and PT-450 can be PC programmed to custom frequencies in the licensed, FCC Part 90, VHF or UHF frequency bands. Transmit power is selectable by channel. PT-150 VHF, 136-174MHz, 1/5Watt, 255 channels PT-450 UHF, 406-470MHz, 1/4Watt, 255 channels ""License-Free"" band model - The PT-150M radio operates only on the 5 MURS license-free, FCC Part 95 VHF business frequencies. Free MURS only PC programming software can be used to take advantage of additional radio features - see details below. PT-150M VHF, License-Free, 5 VHF MURS, 2 Watts, 8 channels MURS Frequencies: 151.820, 151.880, 151.940, 154.600, 154.570 To download a free copy of the MURS PC programming software goto http://www.ritron.com/tools.html . You will need to purchase the Ritron PC-to-radio programming cable, #214BE001, to program the radioPT Series features include: PC Programmable with Ritron software Thin and easy-to-hold size - 4.5" H x 2.2" W x 1" D Alphanumeric backlit display Lightweight - only 10oz. Narrower Frequency Channel Steps VHF: 2.5/12.5kHz UHF: 2.5/6.25/12.5kHz 9 programmable function buttons 8 Channels (PT-150M), 255 Channels (PT-150/PT-450) IP 65 - Resistance to Dust and Water 13 Hour Battery Pack w/ Low Battery Alert MIL-STD 810F - Temperature, Humidity, Shock, Vibration Selective signaling - 2-tone decode, operates down to 300Hz Sub-audible and digital coded squelch codes, Selcall 3 to 7 Tone Secure, screw attachment audio accessory connector Channel Scan/Priority Scan/Scan Resume Loud easy-to-hear audio output - 1000mW DTMF Encode Emergency Call Button Radio Status Icons VOXs. J Series   Introducing the high powered Jobcom J Series radio. With its ultra small size, lightweight and high power transmitter, the J Series radio is the ideal solution for your on-site and in-plant communication needs. At the push-of-a-button, you can be in two places at once to communicate with multiple work groups, coordinate activities, or expedite customer orders. The rugged and reliable Jobcom J Series portable radio will save you time and money by allowing your crew to work smarter and more efficiently. No air-time charges or monthly fees! Jobcom radios transmit directly radio-to-radio...no extra equipment is required, and they're also compatible with other Jobcom portable radios, our desktop base stations and OutPost Callboxes, so you can add other radios to the system as your needs grow! Ultra Small, Lightweight Measures only 3 7/8 H x 2 1/8" W x 1 1/3" D and weighs 9.6 oz. High Power Transmitter VHF: 5 or 2 Watt UHF: 4 or 2 Watt. Military Durability 810 F, IP 55 Guards against rain, dust, shock, vibration. Up to 10 Channel Capacity Programmable Frequency and Privacy Codes 26 VHF or 77 UHF codes and 158 privacy codes. 3 Programmable Function Buttons Allows fast access to certain features. Key Pad Lock Button Prevents accidental activation of front panel buttons. Large Speaker Loud, easy-to-hear audio. 13 Hour Battery Life Based on a 90-5-5 duty cycle. Low Battery Alert - Battery Meter Indicator Channel Scan Allows easy monitoring of multiple work groups. NOAA Weather Scan (VHF model only) Monitor weather broadcasts...increase safety, stay informed. Voice Inversion Scrambler Built-In Adds a measure of security and privacy against casual eavesdropping. Internal Hands-Free, VOX-Ready For tasks requiring hands-free communications...uses standard audio accessories. Call Tone Feature Causes alert tone to sound In other radio's speaker...perfect for signaling others in noisy environments. Rugged Screw-on Accessory Connector Customize with earbuds, headsets, speaker microphone. Emergency Call Feature Added safety and security Portable Radio Accessories: Go to: http://www.ritron.com/accessories.html for pictures of each accessory. BP-Li-18 1800 mAh Li-Ion Battery Pack BC-SLX Spring Action Belt Clip RHD-11X Security Earset with Pendant Microphone, PTT, and Clip RHD-12X Behind-the-ear Earset with Boom Microphone, Pendant PTT, and Clip RHD-10X Single Earbud with Pendant Microphone, PTT, and Clip BC-JX Dual Slot Desktop 2.5 Hour Rapid Charger (100-240 VAC, 47-64 Hz) Holds two batteries Charges Sequentially (Front to Back) RSM-5X Speaker Microphone with Rotating Spring Action Clip Jobcom Radios With Jobcom radios communication is instant. There are no air time charges or service fees, busy signals, phone numbers to remember, or lost productivity on non-business calls. Jobcom radios transmit directly from one radio to another ...no extra equipment is required and they're compatible with virtually any other two-way radios operating on the same channel frequencies. Each D-Series radio can be tailored for your specific need. For example: each D-Series radio can be programmed to display as few as 1 channel or as many as 10. Features like channel scan, weather scan and weather alert can be turned on or off depending on the need, they're powerful and feature rich, yet flexible Lightweight, small and easy to carry yet capable of withstanding a 6 foot drop onto concrete. In fact, ounce for ounce Jobcom radios are tougher than any other professional business radio in its class. VHF and UHF Frequency Band Models Small, Rugged and Lightweight All D Series Portable Radios Feature:     - Up to 10 Channel Capability     - IP-54 Water and Dust Intrusion     - High Visibility, Easy-To-Read LED Channel Display     - Choose From 21 Different Field Selectable Freq.     - PC Programmable Custom Frequencies/Features     - Easy-To-Hear, High Audio Output Speaker     - 2-Tone Paging Decode     - Channel Scan with Nuisance Channel Delete     - Audio Accessory Jacks     - Quick Change Battery     - Drop-In Charge Capability     - 51 Quiet Call® Codes or 83 Digital Quiet Call® Privacy Codes  VHF models JMX-141D 150-162MHz 11/2 Watt Transmit Power Battery Life: 9 Hrs. Line-of-Sight Range: Up to 2 Miles Coverage: Up to 8 Floors or 150,000 sq. ft. NOAA Weather Channel, Scan, and Alert Capability JMX-146D 150-162MHz 2 Watts Transmit Power Battery Life: 9 Hrs. Line-of-Sight Range: Up to 2-4 Miles Coverage: Up to 15 Floors or 250,000 sq. ft. NOAA Weather Channel, Scan, and Alert Capability JMX-144D 150-162MHz 4 Watts Transmit Power Battery Life: 11.3 low/7.4 high Hrs. Line-of-Sight Range: Up to 2-5 Miles Coverage: Up to 20 Floors or 270,000 sq. ft. NOAA Weather Channel, Scan, and Alert Capability UHF models JMX-441D 450-470MHz 1 Watt Transmit Power Battery Life: 9 Hrs. Line-of-Sight Range: Up to 2 Miles Coverage: Up to 10 Floors or 175,000 sq. ft. JMX-446D 450-470MHz 2 Watts Transmit Power Battery Life: 11.9 Hrs. Line-of-Sight Range: Up to 2-4 Miles Coverage: Up to 20 Floors or 275,000 sq. ft. JMX-444D 450-470MHz 3 Watts Transmit Power Battery Life: 11.2 low/8 high Hrs. Line-of-Sight Range: Up to 2-5 Miles Coverage: Up to 25 Floors or 280,000 sq. ft. Size and Weight Specs: 4.75" x 2.2"x 1.43" -11.5 oz with battery. Each radio includes battery pack, wall charger, flexible antenna, belt clip. Portable Two-Way Radio Accessories: Go to: http://www.ritron.com/accessories.html for pictures of each accessory. BPS-6N-MH Replacement, Nickel-Metal-Hydride battery pack, 1500mAh. Fits JMX- Series RSM-3XA Remote speaker mic, w/ swivel spring-action clip, Fits JMX-Series RHD-8X Comfortable Ear Loop w/ Pendant PTT and mic, Fits JMX -Series RHD-6X Lightweight Headset, sits behind the head. Includes boom mic, & in-line PTT BCJS-4AD 4-Unit Gang Charger w/ 110VAC Adapter (RPS-1B) BCJS-AD Replacement, Drop-in charger base, Fits JMX-Series. Requires BC-A AC adapter. BC-A Replacement, 110VAC adapter RPS-1B Replacement, 110VAC (replacement for BCJS-4AD) MHC-A Nylon Holster with metal belt clip CBS-A Replacement, Belt clip, Fits JMX ?Series AFS-150 VHF, 6""" length, Pre-cut antenna, 150-162MHz AFS-150-S VHF, 3""" length, Pre-cut antenna, 150-162MHz AFS-450 UHF, 6""" length, Pre-cut antenna, 450-470MHz AFS-450-S UHF, 3""" length, Pre-cut antenna, 450-470MHz RPT-PCPK-9.5 JMX Series PC Programming kit w/ CD and programming cable Ritron Handheld Potable Radio Microphones::: RSM 3Xa used for JMX, Patriot, Other Radios RSM 5XA used for SLX Radios RSM 6XA used for PT Radios Ritron Base Stations:::: JBS-146D/446D Fixed Location ... Shared Use ... Zero Replacement. The JobCom Display Series Wireless Intercom/Base Station is a cost-effective way to keep employees in a fixed indoor location communicating and it replaces the need for multiple portable radios. Typically employees that work in a defined area, such as the machine shop, the reception lobby or customer service area, do not require their own portable radio, but they do need access to a radio. The JobCom Base Station doesn't get borrowed, dropped or stolen because it can be permanently mounted to a desk or wall. It does not require batteries since it operates on 110 VAC (or 12 VDC with optional adapter). And when you eliminate the headaches of replacing lost or damaged portable radios, you increase employee productivity and eliminate replacement costs. Selectable Frequencies Select from a list of 21 user selectable, pre-programmed business-only frequencies for your work group. The JOBCOM Base Station can also be PC programmed by your authorized Ritron dealer to operate on "custom" frequencies within the band of the radio. This base station/intercom radio will operate with any Ritron JOBCOM or Patriot brand two-way radios; and any other brand of radio (portable, mobile or repeater), operating on the same frequency. License-Free VHF MURS Frequencies Each VHF base station radio model offers 5 license-free MURS frequencies for business applications. Interference Eliminator (Quiet Call) Codes and Digital Quiet Call Codes 51 user selectable Quiet Call codes help screen-out unwanted channel chatter. Digital squelch codes can be PC programmed by your authorized Ritron dealer. 10 Channel Display Series “Extra” Features: Up to 10 Channel Capability The 10 channel Display Series Base Station can be individually programmed for 1 or up to 10 channels. Channel Scan Feature Monitor multiple channels automatically without having to manually switch channels. Normal or priority. "Z" Button - Programmable Soft Key One-touch button for quick access to specific “custom” programmable radio features e.g. Call Tone, DTMF Encode, (Two- Tone Encode coming soon), NOAA Weather Scan, Channel Monitor, Channel Scan. Call Tone Used to alert other radio users of an incoming transmission. DTMF ANI Encode -Can be used to control gates, doors or other devices remotely. Programmable on a per channel basis. See Ritron GateGuard/Outpost systems for details. 2-Tone Paging Encode (coming soon) Allows base station to selectively page portables or control gates, doors, sirens, or other devices remotely. See Ritron GateGuard/Outpost systems for details. 2-Tone Paging Decode Allows base station to function as a wireless alerting receiver. • 2 Watts of Power Output • Rugged All-Metal Steel Enclosure • Bright, Easy-To-Read LED Display • Compact Size: 1.4" X 3.8" X 5.6" • Large 1 Watt Output Speaker —Loud, Easy-To-Hear Audio • Built-in CTCSS and Digital Coded Squelch Codes • NOAA Weather Scan & Alert (VHF models only) • Programmable Narrow (12.5 kHz) • 110VAC or 12VDC operation • PTT Field & PC Programmable • Call Feature • One Year Warranty
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